Assessments and promotions

Student’s performance is monitored throughout the year on the basis of attention records, regularity in class and home assignments. Also Monday class tests, a Mid-Term Exam and a Final Exam are conducted.

The general criteria for promotion is that a student has grasped the subject matter of his or her class sufficiently well to follow the syllabus of the higher class.

The minimum requirement for the promotion to the next class are :-
a) 75% Attendance
b) 40% marks in each subject

Exemptions from class tests and terminal exams will not be ordinarily granted except for genuine reasons.

Students failing in two or more than two subjects will not be detained in the same class.

Student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue further studies in the school

Session for Admission

School session is from April to March every year.

Admission Procedure

Admission will be granted on the basis of the merit list of the school admission test. Admission test shall be held on the second Saturday of the February. Depending on the availability of seats, an admission test may also be conducted in the month of April.



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